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A selection of images and programs from RLT shows


A joint production of five short plays by RLT and Yeppoon Little Theatre. Toured to both theatres in March, 2024. See programme for details.

November 2023 production of Caravan, by Donald MacDonald. Directed by Con Galvin. Photos kindly supplied by members of the Rockhampton Photography Club. Thank you Warwick Atkinson, Peter Ilott, Judy Milner, and Scott Reynolds.

Club night celebrating Halloween 2023. A quiz and some theatre games were enjoyed by all and some very creative people brought some really spooky food. A great night indeed.

Rhinoceros Hides: Directed by Mark Roberts and Gravy Trains: Directed by Tony Moore Plus Bosom Buddies (an excerpt from Mame) and Who's On First. June 9/10/16/17 2023

Written by Stephen Sewell Performed 11th 12th and 18th and 19th November 2022

Written by Bill MacIlwraith; Directed by Mark Roberts; Performed on 15/16/22/23 July 2022

Written by Monk Ferris; Directed by Con Galvin; Performed on 19th/20th/26th/27th November 2021

[A Junior Production] Written by Judith Prior; Directed by Chris Atanasov-Elliott & Lana Watkins; Performed as matinees on 4th & 5th September 2021

Written by Neil Simon; Directed by Mark Roberts; Performed on 16th/17th/23rd/24th July 2021

Directed by Therese Quinn, Christos Aristidou & Liam Galvin; Performed on 26th & 27th February and 5th & 6th March 2021


Written & Directed by Chris Atanasov-Elliott; Supported by headspace Rockhampton

Written by ‎Frances Goodrich‎ and ‎Albert Hackett; Directed by David Walpole Sinnamon

3 x One Act Plays; Directed by Therese Quinn, Vicki Cope and Con Galvin

Written by Andrew Bovell; Directed by Anne Galvin

Written by Ira Levin; Directed by Chris Atanasov-Elliott;

Directed by Con Galvin; Hosted by Laurie Atlas

Junior Production. Director Therese Quinn

2 shows - foyer show with band Relic (Con Galvin) and 1 act play We Can Work It Out (Director David Sinnamon)

Director Carly Brennan

Junior production. Director Carly Brennan

4 x One Act Plays - Mere Mortals, We Wait, Words Words Words, Richard the Thirds Revenge

70 years of RLT 1945 to 2015. Display at Kern Arcade and 70 year celebration evening at TCC hall.

Written by Peter Shaffer. Directed by David Sinnamon

Short Attention Span 2015

Written by Mack Camoletti, Directed by Carly Brennan

Filming (of the Court scene) and photos in the Old Supreme Court House, the remainder of the play performed at the Walter Reid Cultural Centre

Director Kathryn Kerr

Director Con Galvin


Directed by Joe Hannan

Directed by Bob Galley, written by Geoff Saunders

Director Mark Schwarten/Clare Geddes

Director - Peta Horeman Wren

Director - Val Hardman

Producer - Peta Horneman

Director Annette Farrer


Director Annette Farrer

Director Melanie March

3x1 act plays, Casting of Roaslinda, Woomberang, Busy Bodies

Director Bob Galley

Written and Directed by Bob Galley

Director - Joe Hannan

Director Annette Farrer

Directed by Jane Anderson

Written by JB Priestly, Director Bob Galley


Director Don Smith

Written by Neil Simon, Director Annette Farrer

Director Val Hardman

Director Val Hardman

Director P Hoolihan

Written by Ken Cotterill, Director Annette Farrer

Director Claire Geddes

Director Val Hardman

Director Annette Farrer

Director Bob Galley

Written by Rick Abbot, Director Val Hardman

Down Came a Jumbuck, Duchess on Thursday (director Mark Schwarten), Roses are Red My Love

Director Val Hardman

Director Steve Jahnke

Director Val Hardman

Director Mark Schwarten

Director Val Hardman

Director Tess Quinn


Director Val Hardman

Director Jenny Simpson

Director Bruce McKendry

Director Gary Stephens

Director Judith Anderson

Director Rob Hughes

Director Gary Stephens

J. Littlebury

Aug 1985 Producer Marg Davies

Producer Rob Hughes, July 1985

Director John Littlebury 15, 16, 22, 23 Nov 1985

RLT Clubrooms 13 September 1986, 2 new directors Peta Horneman and Rob Galley

Director Bobby Cruice

revue 21 to 29 Nov 1986, Directed by Bobbi Cruice

Director Val Hardman

Director - Val Hardman

Director - Val Hardman

Producer Annette Farrer

Directors Tess Quinn and Russell Proctor

Producer Mark Schwarten


Director Don Batchelor

Director Bill Webb

Director Val Hardman

Director Linda Waite

Director Michael Byrnes

Director Jennifer Simpson

Director Alan Hinder

Director Val Hardman

Director Billy Liar

Director Michael Byrnes

Director Chris Hall

Director Alan Hinder

Producer Val Hardman

Directors Mal Carmont and Jennifer Simpson

Director Val Hardman 26-29 July 1978

Director Mal Carmont


Producer Charles Paterson 22-25 March 1961

Producer Phyllis Burrows August 30, 31 September 1 & 2 1961

Producer Kevin Langford 17-20 May 1961

Producer Charles Paterson 21-24 March 1962

Producer Maureen Treacy 3-7 July 1962

Producer John Carnell 18-21 Sept 1962

Producer Kevin Langford 21-24 November 1962

Producer Jenny Simpson 9-23 March 1963

Producer Ken Lomas 1-4 March 1967

Producer Charles Paterson 28 June to 1 July

Producer Jenny Simpson 8 - 11 Nov 1967

Producer Jenny Simpson 7-9 August

Written by Charles Dyer, produced by CLO SLACK


Producer Marjorie Mant, April 1950

June 1950 Producer Phyllis Burrows

November 1950, Producer Wyn Colvin

April 1951 Producer Graham MacDonald

June 1951 Producer Wyn Colvin

September 1951 Producer Phyllis Burrows

November 1951, Producers Wyn Colvin & Charles Paterson

May 1952

July 1952 Producer Phyllis Burrows

September 1952 Producer Ralph Clay

November 1952 Producers Charles Paterson & Jessie Scanlon

April 1953 Producer Norma Jeffries

July 1953 Producer Noel Power

November 1953 Producer Phyllis Burrows

September 1953 Producers Ken McNeill & Ron Phillips

April 1954 Producer Win Colvin

July 1954 Producer Norma Jefferies

November 1954 Producer Charles Paterson

Producer Tom Bencke

Producer Wyn Colvin

Producer Norma Jefferies

Producer Phyllis Burrows


1945, October

1945 December

April 1946

December 1946

1946 June

October 1946

October 1946

May 1947

3rd to 6th September 1947, Producer Phyllis Burrows

November 1947

September 1947

April 1948

June 1948


November 1948

April 1949

1949 July

June 1949

November 1949



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